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Vegetation Management Consent Form

We maintain trees and other vegetation growing close to our electric utility wires in an effort to minimize power interruptions as well as for safety reasons. We need your consent to prune in order to maintain safety and reliability. Please complete the form below.

Vegetation work can include:

  • Maintenance pruning of trees near our overhead electrical wires. Telephone and cable wires may be included.
  • Tree removal. Wood over 4” in diameter will be left on site.
  • Cutting of vines and/or brush capable of growing into the power lines
    • These efforts are essential to continued safe and reliable electric service. We will take all necessary steps to ensure the care of your property.


Please fill out the information below to submit your response.

Please note that pursuant to law, failure to respond to notice (within 45 days) is considered consent to prune.

Vegetation Management Consent
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