Liberty, in partnership with the other statewide utilities of NHSaves, recently teamed up with Easterseals New Hampshire to make major efficiency upgrades at their Zachary Road location in Manchester, NH. Improvements made to the facility included adding 27,300 square feet of insulation to existing attic space and knee wall, and air sealing all plumbing and wire openings to reduce conditioned air loss.

Easterseals Gammon Academy is home to roughly 120 students. The 65,000 square foot complex serves children and youth of all genders between the ages of 5 and 21 years old whose needs are complex and cannot be met within family homes or less intensive residential settings.

“The children we work with tend to be more sensitive to sensory input, whether that is how their clothes feel, the temperature of a room, or lighting, so all of the projects taking place to improve the environment of the learning facility makes them much more open to learning,” said John Soucy, Senior Vice President of Children’s Services at Easterseals NH.

In addition to increasing the comfort of the students at the facility, the improvements made at Easterseals NH is estimated to save them 975 MMBtus of natural gas annually. In laymen’s terms, that’s 975,000,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs), which is the equivalent of 6.5 homes’ energy usage for one year. And, by working with Liberty and NHSaves, 100% of the project cost was funded through Liberty’s Home Energy Assistance program (HEA).
“The funding for this project could not have come at a better time,” said Jason Teaster, Vice President of Facilities at Easterseals NH. “These insulation upgrades and improvements are going to help us realize immediate savings to our energy bills.”

Liberty’s Home Energy Assistance (HEA) program is designed to reduce energy use from both electric and fossil fuel-consuming appliances and HVAC systems. The program serves New Hampshire’s income-eligible homeowners and renters to help reduce their energy costs, optimize their home’s energy performance, and make their homes more comfortable.

“We are fortunate to live in a state that offers these great benefits to residents,” said Matthew Minghella, Residential Program Manager, Energy Efficiency, Liberty – New Hampshire. “Our goal is for every customer – residential and commercial – in our service area to know about these great resources and take advantage of them.”

To learn more about the Home Energy Assistance program and how it was able to help Easterseals NH, please follow the links below. Natural gas or electric customers of Liberty NH interested in finding out if they qualify to take advantage of this program can contact their local community action agency directly, or email

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