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Natural Gas Choice

What is the benefit of this program?

If you are a commercial, industrial or municipal natural gas customer, you may be able to benefit from competition among independent suppliers/marketers by reducing the cost of the natural gas supply portion of your bills.

How do I choose a natural gas supplier?

To do so, enroll in Liberty Utilities' Customer Choice Program so that you can purchase natural gas from a supplier that is registered with the NH Public Utilities Commission.

To view a listing of authorized independent suppliers in your area, click here.

What is Liberty Utilities’ role in my selection of a natural gas supplier?

Liberty Utilities cannot make a recommendation of one supplier over another. If you choose to purchase you natural gas from a third-party supplier, Liberty Utilities will continue to provide all the natural gas delivery services you have come to expect from us including:

  • Maintaining and upgrading our natural gas distribution system.
  • Reliably delivering the natural gas from your chosen supplier to your facility.

For Energy Suppliers

Imporant forms and information to help our business partners participate in New Hampshire Energy Choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I do purchase my energy from another supplier, will I have to worry about the reliability of my energy service?

    No. Service quality and reliability should stay the same. You will continue to have access to Liberty Utilities customer service representatives during business hours and our crews will still respond to emergencies and outages.

  • Who do I call if there is an emergency?

    Call Liberty Utilities at 1-855-327-7758 in case of an emergency.

  • How will I be billed if I choose an Energy Supplier?

    Depending on your supplier’s arrangement, you may receive a single, consolidated bill from Liberty Utilities with a line item for supply charges. Or, you may receive a bill from us for the delivery of your natural gas and another from your supplier for the natural gas itself.

  • Will I save money if I purchase my energy from a competitive supplier?

    Your ability to save money will depend on the difference between what Liberty Utilities charges for natural gas and the price charged by your chosen supplier, the amount of energy you consume and the terms of your agreement with your supplier.

  • Can a supplier turn off my service?

    No. Only Liberty Utilities employees are authorized to connect or disconnect your service.

  • After I choose another supplier, may I return to Liberty Utilities for my energy supply?

    Check the terms and conditions of the contract with your supplier. A customer who chooses to discontinue service with a supplier and wants to resume receiving energy from us can have the supplier return the account to us, or the customer may contact us directly to have the account returned to us.

  • How do I enroll in the program?

    When you select and enter into an agreement with a third party supplier, they are responsible for contacting Liberty Utilities to enroll your account.

  • If I have questions about my bill, whom do I call?

    If your questions relate to the delivery portion of the bill, please contact us. For questions about the supply portion of the bill, call the supplier’s customer service number.

  • Important considerations before you choose to switch

    We cannot recommend one supplier over another. If you are considering buying energy from someone other than us, request the following information:

    • What is the term of the contract?
    • Are there minimum bill amounts?
    • Are the energy prices fixed, or will they change throughout the term?
    • o Will the supplier bill you directly, or will charges be included in your bill from Liberty Utilities?
    • What is included in the price per kWh?
  • What part of my bill can I choose another energy supplier for?

    You can choose another energy supplier for the Supplier Services portion of your bill. Even if you choose another energy supplier, we will continue to bill you for your Delivery Service. 

  • How do I find a supplier?

    A listing of suppliers eligible to provide natural gas in our service area can be found at the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission.