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Space Heating & Controls 

Installing a natural gas heating system will prove helpful to the environment and your bottom line.

Rebates are available for:

  • Furnaces, up to $450
  • Condensing unit heaters, up to $500
  • Infrared heaters, up to $750
  • Condensing boilers, up to $10,000
  • Steam Traps, $50 each
  • After-market boiler reset controls, $225 each
  • ENERGY STAR® programmable thermostats, $25 each for up to 10 units
  • After Market Boiler Reset, $225 for up to 10 units
  • Steam Traps, $50 each for up to 10 units

About Steam Systems:

Steam systems are one of the most intense users of energy in buildings. Liberty’s Save Steam Now Initiative is designed to help customers reduce energy, improve reliability, increase education and awareness, and improve efficiency in steam systems by providing steam trap and steam system surveys and financial incentives for energy efficiency improvements.

Liberty will fund 50% of the cost of a steam trap survey. A pre-approved surveyor will examine your facility’s steam traps in order to uncover failed or non-operating traps. The surveyor will recommend if traps need to be replaced or repaired. Customer may perform repairs in-house or use outside vendors at customer’s discretion. Liberty will contribute up to 50% of actual repair/replacement costs.

Only qualifying businesses installing efficient versions of the equipment mentioned above are eligible. Select a licensed contractor to install your high-efficiency heating equipment. Upon installation, complete and submit the New Hampshire rebate form. To learn more about this program, call 603-595-2304 or email

Program applications are processed on a first come first serve basis. Rebates are limited and available to qualifying applications until the program budget is depleted.

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