Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is one of the innovative ways Liberty is aiming to achieve our environmental goals. See the information below to learn more about what RNG is and about how Liberty will use it to fuel our future. 

About Renewable Natural Gas

  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is an ultra-clean and ultra-low carbon natural gas alternative. RNG is produced from various sources such as dairy and hog waste, landfills, and wastewater treatment facilities. Once it has been cleaned to pipeline quality standards, RNG is used as a substitute for fossil natural gas.

  • RNG is produced from various feedstock sources through a biochemical process, such as anaerobic digestion.

    Anaerobic digestion is used to break down feedstock sources, such as dairy and hog waste, wastewater, and food waste. During this process, the organic waste is placed inside sealed, airtight tanks. Inside the tanks, large mixers evenly distribute microorganisms that break down the mixture in the absence of oxygen. This process results in the production of biogas. Once this biogas has been processed and purified, it is then interchangeable with conventional natural gas.

    Landfill gas is produced by anaerobic digestion, only instead of occurring in a digester, this process takes place underground. As the waste begins to decompose, it releases high levels of methane and CO2 into the atmosphere and toxic substances into the earth and groundwater over time. Instead of allowing the gasses to escape, landfill gas can be captured and converted to RNG. During this process, gas is extracted from landfills using a series of underground wells, pipes, and a blower or vacuum system. This system directs the collected gas to a centralized location where it can then be processed and purified to RNG.

  • There are many benefits of RNG, including that it has carbon-neutral, and in some cases, carbon-negative properties. RNG reduces the need for conventional natural gas by acting as an interchangeable alternative. Additionally, RNG captures emissions of “waste” and “fugitive” methane- methane that would have otherwise been flared with no benefit. Since RNG is interchangeable with conventional natural gas, there are no updates needed to current gas infrastructure. Lastly, RNG can be used anywhere that natural gas is used, such as in transportation, heating, and power generation.


Liberty and RNG


Liberty is currently exploring opportunities for RNG in all of our operating areas. Stay tuned for more information about new RNG projects. 

Renewable Natural Gas