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Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal Natural Gas Programs & Rebates

Learn about our programs by selecting the options below. Some of our programs require a pre-qualification while others are available to all customers. Programs are available until funding is depleted. Municipalities may also participate in all Commercial & Industrial (C&I) programs based on what is offered by the utility. 

Space Heating

Installing a gas heating system will prove helpful to the environment and your bottom line. We offer rebates to businesses who install efficient versions of certain equipment.

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0% Financing

0% on-bill financing may be available to help pay your share of the installed cost of qualified energy efficiency projects. 

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Water Heating

By partnering with distributors, we are able to offer monetary incentives on high-efficiency water heaters to commercially metered natural gas customers.

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Energy Assessment

An on-site facility assessment identifies natural gas energy efficiency opportunities. Based on this assessment’s findings, a report is provided that explains the details of recommended measures.

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Custom Project

Not all projects fit into a broader category. For gas-saving measures not eligible for prescriptive rebates offered above, we offer custom rebates and incentives.

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Engineering Studies

We will finance 50% (up to $10,000) of the cost of an approved energy efficiency engineering study. The study must be completed by a certified energy manager or a professional engineer (PE).

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Liberty helps restaurant owners and operators improve the performance of their facilities and equipment while reducing energy costs.

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Weatherization & Insulation

Weatherization and insulation incentives are now available as a custom rebate designed to cover up to 75% of the equipment and installation.

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