About the Program

Effective March 1, 2017, Liberty Utilities is no longer accepting new applications for the Water Heater Rental Program. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Current participants in the program can contact NHWaterHeaterRental@libertyutilities.com or 1-603-216-3697 with questions or concerns.

We will provide you with an energy efficient electric rental water heater for a LOW MONTHLY RATE 
Residential and small business customers located in Liberty Utilities electric service territory are eligible to participate in the electric water heater rental program.  

  • Customers can lease an efficient stone-lined electric water heater, paying a minimal monthly fee starting at just $8.00/month charged to their monthly electric bill
  • Water heaters are available in 40, 50, 55, gallon sizes at $8.00/month and 100 and 120 gallon sizes at $9.00/month. Limited quantities of other sizes may be available
  • Liberty Utilities will deliver the water heater to the customer
  • Participants are required to sign a minimum one year rental agreement. Click to review the Water Heater Rental Agreement
  • Customers are required to hire a licensed electrician and plumber for the installation of the water heater to meet current code requirements of their city or town
  • All future maintenance, repair or replacement of the rental water heater is covered in your low monthly fee

For questions or to schedule an installation, please contact NHWaterHeaterRental@libertyutilities.com or 1-603-216-3697.

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