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For Technical & Construction Professionals

Apply for Service

To apply for a new service call 1-800-375-7413 so we can start a work request.

A work request is any request for new service or service upgrade initiated by a customer or a customer’s agent (electrician, engineer, or general contractor). Work requests include:

  • Temporary service,
  • Residential Service
  • Residential Subdivision
  • Condominiums, Apartments or Mobile Home Complexes
  • Commercial or Industrial Facilities
  • Commercial Subdivisions
  • Demolitions

Service Documents

Initiate a new service work request, view our Line Extension Policies and reference information, such as the Specifications for Electrical Installations which contains requirements for electric service. All forms can be accessed from the right side of this page. 

Residential Projects

For residential property projects (i.e. a single home), please call 1-800-375-7413. 

Electric Safety

Learn about power line and electrical safety

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Landlords and Property Owners

Leave on for Landlord Program

Enroll tenant accounts in this program to have gas services automatically transferred to your own name when your tenant stops service.

Enroll Accounts

Use the Landlord Authorization Form to add accounts to the program.

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Please note: If your tenant's services are disconnected due to credit-related matters, the transfer of service to your name will not be completed.

Remove Accounts

Use the Landlord to have the gas service taken out of your name for specified accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, you may find the answer in our FAQ page. 

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If you have questions or would like more information, please call us at 1-800-375-7413, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. or use the General Contact Us form. 


Contact Us
Contact Us

Question? Contact our Customer Care team for information. We're here to help. 

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Commonly Use Forms and Documents

Forms to Initiate New Service

Apply for an easement if the electric service request requires that we install our equipment on your property

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Provide detailed load information for the electrical equipment in your commercial or industrial facility.

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Provide detailed load information for the electrical equipment in a condominium complex, apartment complex or mobile home complex.

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Provide detailed load information for the electrical equipment in a residential development.

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Please submit to:

Policies, Terms & Conditions (Rates and Tariffs)

Rates & Tariffs

Terms and Conditions (Rates and Tariffs) (Page 3)

Policy 1: Line extension policy for individual residential customers (Page 12)

Policy 2 – Line extension policy for residential developments (Page 17)

Policy 3 – Line extension policy for individual commercial and industrial customers (Page 22)

Policy 4 – Line extension policy for commercial and industrial developments (Page 26)


Other Documents

Specifications for Electrical Installations (ESB 750)

URD Installation & Responsibility Guide (ESB 759A)

UCD Installation & Responsibility Guide (ESB 759B)

RUS Installation & Responsibility Guide (ESB759C)

Service Territory