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Transformer Safety

What You Need To Know:

If your electric service is not visable, this means it is underground. Start here to learn important safety information on underground services.  

Keeping Transformers Clear

Underground electrical service has several benefits. There are less power disruptions due to tree contact, wires are out of site and there are no utility poles to contend with locally. However, it’s important to use caution around associated underground infrastructure.


If your property has an underground electric service, you most likely have a box in your yard mounted on a cement or fiberglass pad. That box is called a transformer and it reduces the voltage coming from our distribution lines before entering your home.  

Power comes from our pole in the street, underground to the transformer in your yard and then to your electric meter. In the event of an emergency, or other issues with your service line, our crews need immediate access to your transformer. For this reason, it is imperative customers DO NOT place vegetation, or other material, 10’ in front of the transformer’s doors and 4’ around the other three sides.

Issues involving transformers are often time sensitive. This grants us permission to act without prior notice to the owner, as stated in the initial agreement of installation. If material is placed, or has grown, into the area, Liberty Utilities has the right to remove and/or cut obstructions. 


Call 811 Before Digging

If you have plants, shrubs, fences or other structures around your transformer, we encourage you to be proactive and remove or relocate them to an area away from your service. If you do decide to relocate vegetation or other structures, you must call 811 prior to digging. Because your service line runs underground to the transformer, digging without having your service line marked out could cause damage to our underground structures and could also put the person digging in danger. Once your service is marked out, you will be required to hand dig. Tractors and other mechanized tools are not allowed within 48” from your electric service.


Other Transformer Safety Tips

  • Never sit or climb on top of the transformer
  • Do not store items on or around the transformer
  • If any damage occurs to your transformer box, stay away and contact us immediately at  1-855-349-9455

Underground Services & Transformers