Salem Enhancement Project

In order to continue providing our customers with a reliable source of power, we will be upgrading some existing distribution systems in our Salem service territory. We will also be constructing a brand new substation to help support future growth in Salem. These investments we are making will help us continue to provide reliable service to our customers while supporting economic growth and upgrading aging equipment.

Throughout the duration of the project, we will post updates on the current stage of the process below to keep our customers better informed.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • This project is designed to replace aging equipment and accommodate growth and increased demand for electricity in the Salem area. Liberty Utilities is adding a new substation called the Rockingham Substation, which will be located at 64 South Broadway, Salem, NH. 

    Liberty Utilities will also be upgrading the existing supply line between the Golden Rock Substation located at 16 Hampshire Rd, and the new Rockingham Substation. The planned work will include the installation of steel poles and overhead electrical wires.

  • The supply line work will take place along the existing right-of-way (ROW) between the Golden Rock Substation and the new Rockingham Substation. This is a two mile section of the ROW that is parallel to Route 28. The locations of the substations and the ROW are shown on the area map below.

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  • A strong distribution system is vital to our area’s safety, security and economic prosperity. A recent electric planning study of the Salem area identified the need for a new 115kV substation to serve new and existing customers and to enable the retirement of aging assets. The supply line upgrade is needed to support the new substation.

  • Construction of the substation and first supply line will begin in the fall of 2020 with an estimated completion date of spring of 2021. We expect to begin construction of a second 115kv line in fall of 2021 and finish in spring of 2022.

    During this project, we will make every attempt to limit the amount of disruption to local traffic. The majority of our work will be performed in the ROW which means there will be minimal disruptions to traffic however, to ensure public safety, it will be necessary to close the right-of-way to pedestrian and bike traffic.

  • We anticipate the project lasting approximately two years. 




On Monday, August 31st, land surveyors will be out in the right of way putting stakes at the proposed pole locations. Traffic is not expected to be impacted. 

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Liberty Utilities is committed to keeping residents, businesses, local officials and community groups informed and engaged in the projects. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Business and Community Development Manager, Jill Fitzpatrick at 603-952-2999 or

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