Inspections & Surveys

Liberty Utilities performs numerous surveys on our gas system to ensure it is as reliable and safe as possible. Some of the surveys/inspections we conduct include;

  • Annual Leak System Survey- Every year, we hire a third party to inspect all 1,394 miles of our natural gas distribution system to check for leaks. They do this by driving the areas where our mains are with trucks that have leak detection equipment on them.
  • Service Inspections – We have dedicated crews that work year round inspecting gas services. Gas services are the individual gas lines that connect homes and businesses to our gas mains in the street. From start to finish, it takes approximately three years to get to every property with a natural gas service in our service territory. This means that your gas service gets inspected a minimum of once every three years, which is above the industry requirement.
  • Winter Surveys – Once frost sets in, we assign crews to inspect gas mains and services in “Business Districts” 7 days a week, throughout the winter. Business districts are classified as connected buildings surrounded by pavement, such as Main St in Nashua and Elm St in Manchester.
  • Public Building Survey- Once a year, we send technicians to inspect every public building where there is a natural gas main on the street, whether the building uses natural gas or not.
  • Regulator Stations Inspection – We have regulators throughout our system that control the pressure in our gas distribution system. At least once a year, we have gas technicians inspect all 65 of our regulator stations. Every regulator station has two regulators in it; a Worker and a Monitor. The Worker regulates pressure and the Monitor acts as a fully functioning backup if the Worker ever failed. We test both units to ensure they are functioning properly.

NOTE: If your gas meter is located inside, it is important that we get inside your building to conduct the inspection. 

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