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Outage Center

We work hard to provide our customers with unparalleled, safe, and reliable service. Despite our best efforts to prevent outages, there are factors beyond our control, such as storms and heavy wind conditions, that will occasionally knock out power. Use the links below to view our outage map, or report an outage in your area. 

Report an outage online
Report an outage online

Visit Liberty My Account to report an outage. 

Report online    

View "How To" Guide

View outage map
View outage map

Visit My Account to view our outage map. Check the status of a power outage, see how many individuals are affected, and obtain the estimated restoration time. 

View outage map     

How to use our new outage map

Report an outage by phone
Report an outage by phone

Even if you are sure others in your area have notified us, the more information we have, the faster we can assess the situation and get the necessary crews on site.

Call 1-855-349-9455

What happens when the power goes out?

And how will I get it back? Outage & Restoration Infographic

For more information and FAQs on how power is restored, click here.

Restoration process

Watch how Liberty works to restore power to our customers 

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While you cannot use our social media pages to report your outage, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for outage updates and information.