Are you Experiencing an Power Outage?

Check to see if the power failure is limited to your home or business. If your neighbor's power is still on, check your circuit breaker panel or fuse box. If the problem is not a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, call Liberty Utilities at our emergency phone number 1-855-349-9455.

Report a Power Outage


Report an outage


Who to Call
Who to Call

Downed Wires

Downed wires are a serious hazard. If you see a downed line, keep everyone a minimum of 30 feet away from it. That is approximately the length of a school bus. Once everyone is a safe distance away, report the downed wire to our emergency number at 1-855-349-9455, or call 911. 

Emergency and Life Threatening Situations

Please call 911 if you see a situation that threatens the safety of yourself or others. All other outages can be reported using the online form. 

Street Light Outage
Street Light Outage

To report a street light outage, please fill out the form below.

Street Lighting Form

While you cannot use our social media pages to report your outage, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for outage updates and information.


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