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Electrical Assistance Program - Residential - New Hampshire Electric - Liberty

Electrical Assistance Program 

Available to qualified residential customers in New Hampshire

The Electric Assistance Program (EAP) is a statewide program that helps reduce the amount you owe on your electric bill. If you qualify, discounts ranging from 5% to 86% on the basic electric service are available.

To apply, you must contact your local Community Action Agency and complete the Electric Assistance Program application. Your local Community Action Agency will determine your eligibility based on your annual household income. We cannot determine your eligibility.

Your local Community Action Agency will notify us if you qualify for this program. If you qualify, the EAP Discount amount will appear on your bill and be deducted from your electric bill. You are responsible for paying the remainder of the bill shown on the “Amount Now Due” line.

Learn more by reading our New Hampshire Electric Assistance Program brochure.

How to Apply

Please review the Program Guidelines, and then contact your local Community Action Agency.

Electrical Assistance Program