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Adding Natural Gas Load - Residential - New Hampshire Gas - Liberty

Increasing Natural Gas Load for Your Home

Adding Gas Appliances or Equipment Requires a Safety Check

Before installing that new gas appliance, read about adding to your natural gas load.

The natural gas service line to your home was engineered to meet the initial load requirements when the service was installed. When contemplating an additional gas load, you must contact Liberty as early as possible to determine if the gas service and/or meter, has the capacity to handle the additional gas load. This analysis is especially important when installing appliances such as natural pool heaters, on-demand water heaters and/or natural gas backup generators and any gas equipment that require gas pressures above the Liberty's standard operating pressures to operate.

No customer should purchase and/or install additional equipment until Liberty Utilities determines that the service and/or meter can handle the increased natural gas load. Contact Liberty at 1-800-375-7413 and ask to speak with a sales representative. Please be prepared to supply the following information:

  1. Account number and service address.
  2. The total existing natural gas load (expressed in CFH or MMBtu/Hour), by appliance and equipment connected to the existing natural gas service line.
  3. The new gas load (expressed in CFH or MMBtu/hour) and operating pressure requirements, expressed in inches water column, of the new equipment being installed.

Upon receiving this information, the Liberty sales representative will calculate a load analysis to determine if the existing meter and natural gas service line has the available capacity to handle the increased gas flow. If the service and/or meter require an upgrade, the customer may be required to provide a contribution toward this work.

Please be advised that customers will be held responsible for damage to Liberty Utilities equipment caused by load being added without notice to the Company. Insufficient flow of gas to an appliance, such as a backup generator, may cause it to malfunction and may create unsafe conditions.

Adding Natural Gas Load