Cost of Gas Price Increase

Most customers have heard the news of the increase in energy prices across the country expected this heating season. This price increase does not only apply to natural gas. In fact, prices for all forms of energy are increasing this year, including electricity and propane. 

  • Liberty buys the gas we deliver to our customers on the open natural gas market. There are multiple factors contributing to the market price increase:

    • Warmer temperatures across the US this summer created a higher demand for gas in the electric market, as many electric power plants are fueled by natural gas.
    • A higher than normal demand for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) exports to Europe and Asia have also driven up market prices.
    • Hurricane Ida caused a steep decline in natural gas production in August, which caused a spike in prices.
    • Last season was warmer than normal, so people used less gas than expected. This year’s projection is based on normal winter usage. Therefore, the projected increase is higher because of a higher cost of gas AND a higher expected usage.
  • The table below illustrates what the November 2021 Gas Supply Charge is compared to the Gas Supply Charge in November 2020. The charges listed below are per therm.

  • YES! Energy efficiency can play a role in keeping heating bills manageable this winterClick the button below to view programs available to commercial customers. 

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