Construction Updates

Safety is our number one priority. From time to time, we may need to perform maintenance on our natural gas or electric infrastructure in order to keep the services we offer as safe and reliable as possile. Because of the nature of our business, the majority of our infrastructure is found underground or on the side or roads, which means our customers and other residents/businesses in the area could be affected by construction related traffic delays. 

  • Liberty Utilities and/or a qualified contractor will perform the work.  A police detail will be provided, if necessary. The road will be open to the public and parking may be limited. A construction foreman, with appropriate identification, will be on site to address your parking needs throughout the duration of the construction.
  • There may be a lag between temporary and permanent restoration of the street and sidewalk, depending on weather and ground conditions.

In the meantime, please bare with us! The upgrades we are making will help us provide safe and reliaible service.

Service Areas 

Scheduled work for the week of 9-14-2020

  • Broadway 

    Tuscan Village

  • Mammoth Rd

    Kelley, Youville, Alsace, Montgomery

    1-102 Harrington St (Elmwood St)

    Hillcrest Rd

    Edward J Roy Dr

    Bridge St

  • S State St

    Perley St

  • Ledge St

    1-68 Lund St 

    194-247 Main St (Night Work: 8pm-6am)

    Major Dr

  • County Rd

    S River Rd

  • Mullberry Ln

  • Kimball Hill Rd @ Bush Hill Road

  • Catesby Ln




If you are within 100 feet of our natural gas main, we may be able to connect your home to our distribution system for free while our crews are completing other construction work.


What You Need to Know

  • If you choose to have a service installed while construction is going on, you do not need to convert your heating system to natural gas to qualify for the free service.


  • You can install any natural gas appliance, like a stove, dryer or fireplace, and still get a free gas service line.


  • After your service line is installed, we give you 9 months to connect your new appliance(s) to natural gas.


For more information about switching to natural gas, call our Business and Community Development team at 800-833-4200 or click the link below. 

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Have Additional Questions? 

Check out our list of commonly asked construction questions and answers! 

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If you still have construction related questions, please contact our Construction Operations Coordinator at 603-782-2333. 

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