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What To Do During Emergencies and Outages - Residential - New Hampshire Electric - Liberty

What To Do

Although we are committed to providing you with the most reliable service possible, events that are beyond our control sometimes occur. Everything from weather, animals and emergencies can trigger a power outage. Some outages are planned in advance when crews need to perform upgrades and repairs.

Car accidents, lightning, high winds, winter storms—whatever the cause, we do our best to restore power as quickly as possible.

What to do in an outage

Here are steps you can take to reduce damage and discomfort during an outage:

  • If the power goes off during cold weather, keep all doors closed to keep the heat inside. Have your family dress warmly and stay together in the same room or area. Even in very cold weather, the house will stay comfortable for several hours.
  • Keep the refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible. The contents should be good for many hours if the door is kept closed.
  • Turn off all appliances, including computers and peripherals, especially those that generate heat. This helps prevent hazards or damage when service is restored.
  • Turn off all lights except one inside your home/business and one outside. The inside light lets you know and the outside light lets Liberty Utilities’ crews know when the power is back on.
  • When power has been restored, please conserve electricity in the first hours to prevent further outages on your lines. Bring up the temperature in one room of the house or in one heating zone, if you have electric space heating. We ask that you not use electric stoves and clothes dryers in the first hour after restoration.


For further information on safety and preparation in the case of power outages.

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What To Do During Emergencies and Outages