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A tree contractor must be qualified to work near energized wires. A list of resources is available below. It is important to ask the contractor if they are qualified to work near energized primary or service wires to a home. Often times, if they are not interested or able, they will refer another company that may be able to assist. Please have your contractor contact us if they have any questions.

If work needs to be done near the service wire to your house, we can schedule a visit to disconnect or de-energize the service line while the work takes place. The availability of this option allows more contractors/companies to perform the work. Please call and allow a few working days to schedule this service. There is no charge for disconnecting/ de-energizing the service to accommodate tree work.

Links to find more information on trees or to locate tree care companies/arborists:

How to find an arborist:


ISA/ International Society of Arborists:


TCIA/ Tree Care Industry Association:


NHAA/ New Hampshire Arborist Association:

Find a Tree Contractor