Electric System Reliability

We work hard to provide our customers with unparalleled safe and reliable service. Despite our best efforts to prevent outages, there are factors beyond our control, such as storms and heavy wind conditions, which can occasionally knock out power.

Below is a list of measures we take to help increase reliability and decrease the number of outages our customers could experience.

  • To ensure safety and electric service reliability, we schedule tree pruning in your area every four to five years adhering to the industry “best practices.” We only hire qualified contractors to do this work. We typically schedule pruning by electric circuit and time since last prune. Unless there is a significant tree hazard affecting the electric wires in your area, we do not perform tree pruning outside of our pruning schedule.

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  • Substations:

    In 2017, our Pelham Substation got a major upgrade to allow for future growth and increased reliability.


    Distribution Feeder:

    Liberty added a new distribution feeder out of our Michael Ave substation in Charlestown in 2017. This feeder will now supply the area with electricity that was once fed from the Charlestown Substation, which is scheduled to be retired in 2019.  


    Bare primary wires:

    We have begun to replace bare primary wires on cross-arm utility poles due to the susceptibility of trees/branches coming into contact with them and causing an outage. The bare wire is replaced with tree-resistant wire in a spacer cable construction (shown below), which helps mitigate outages caused by branches contacting the primary wires. Areas where these efforts have been concluded are...

    Lowell Rd, SalemRT 12, WalpoleTallant Rd, Pelham
    Shore Dr, Salem RT 120, Meriden 
    Mammoth Rd, Pelham  Bridge St, Pelham 
    Duttin Rd, Pelham Brookdale Rd, Salem 
    RT 123, Walpole   





    Spacer Cable


    Cable Replacements:

    In July of 2018, we began replacing approximately 1,700 circuit feet of direct buried cable on Main St in Hanover. The existing cable was originally installed in 1973. Replacing the cable and installing four underground manholes will not only increase reliability, but will also make any future repairs/improvements much easier.  

  • Digsafe is a free service that helps prevent underground utilities from unintentionally being hit while digging. Throughout the year, we market this service to make sure our customers, third-party contractors and the general public are aware of this state law. We do this through social media, bill inserts, newsletters and in the welcome packets that all new customers receive.

    We increase reliability by helping others to understand if someone hits an underground utility line, not only can it harm them, it can also cause a neighborhood wide power outage. In this instance, education is our greatest defense.

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Battery Storage - Coming Soon! 

In further efforts to decrease load on our infrasturcture, lower energy costs for customers and provide a method of back-up power for participating customers, we have spear-headed the introduction of a Battery Storage Pilot Program in NH.

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