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Granite State Rate Case 2020 - Residential - New Hampshire Electric - Liberty

Understanding the Rate Change

On April 30, 2019 Liberty Utilities (Granite State Electric) Corp. submitted a rate filing with the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NHPUC). We asked the NHPUC for approval to raise the rates that we charge customers for our electric distribution service. This rate case was assigned Docket No. DE 19-064.

On June 30, 2020, the NHPUC issued an order in the rate case approving a settlement agreement among various parties to the docket.  Part of that overall settlement was an agreement on an increase to distribution rates. As a result of the order, new distribution rates will be in effect July 1, 2020.


Why we needed to raise rates:

In order to provide safe, reliable electric service to our customers, we need to make continual investments in things like equipment, maintenance and upgrades. We also had a significant increase in property taxes. From time to time we need to raise distribution rates to keep pace with those investments. Investments made in 2018 and prior years resulted in 2018 having the highest reliability rating in company history. Below are some examples of investments we made in the distribution system:

    • Maintenance and upgrades to Substations in Lebanon, Salem and Pelham
    • Moving our infrastructure due to City and State projects in Walpole, Charlestown, Hanover and Salem


What part of your electric bill is changing?
The distribution charge, which is the cost of delivering electricity to you will change. This charge collects funds for things like the operation and maintenance of electrical substations, utility poles and the wires that run along streets and connect to homes and businesses.


How the rate change will affect your bill:

All of our customers are charged based on the categories below. If you are unsure of what rate category you belong to, you can find your rate code on your electric bill below your account number.

D – Domestic Service Rate the total bill for a residential customer using 650 kWh of electricity per month will increase $5.12. The increase represents a 4.27% total bill increase.
D-10 – Optional Peak Load Pricing (special situation residential): This rate class will see a total bill increase of 3.98%.
G-1 – Time of Use Rate (large commercial and industrial): This rate class will see a total bill increase of 1.28%.
G-2 – Long Hour Service Rate (20kW – 200kW): This rate class will see a total bill increase of 3.01%.
G-3 – General Service Rate
(Non-residential customers with less than 20kW of demand): This rate class will see a total bill increase of 3.65%.
T – Limited Total Electric Living – This rate class will see a total bill increase of 3.54%
V – Limited Commercial Space Heating – This rate class will see a total bill increase of 3.28%


Please visit the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission’s website ( for detailed information regarding this rate case in Docket No. DE 19-064. Please see all rates now in effect on our Rates Page.


What you can do to offset these increases:

There are things you can do to minimize the impact of the increase. We offer comprehensive Energy Efficiency programs that can not only reduce your electric usage and save you money, but many of our programs offer incentives that can help to offset the cost of making energy efficient upgrades. Please visit the “Smart Energy Use” section of our website.

If you have having difficulty paying your bill, there are several assistance programs that you may qualify for. Please contact your local Community Action Agency for information on payment assistance programs and to see if you qualify.


What is the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission?
Liberty Utilities is regulated by the NHPUC. The Commission is charged with ensuring that utilities offer safe, reliable service at reasonable rates. If a regulated utility wants to raise its rates, it must receive approval from the NHPUC to do so.

For more information on the NHPUC please visit their web site at or call its Consumer Services Division at 1-800-852-3793.


Still have questions?
If you still have questions regarding our rate increase, you can contact our customer service department at 1-800-375-7413


Our commitment to you:
Our employees live and work in NH. We support local jobs and the communities we live and work in. We consider it a privilege to serve you and will do our best meet your needs.

Granite State Rate Case 2020