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Energy Theft - Residential - New Hampshire Electric - Liberty

Energy Theft/Fraud 

Energy Theft is the unlawful taking of energy from the utility company or their customers. It can occur in a variety of ways and it affects all of us. Report Energy Theft to help reduce energy costs and to keep our energy distribution system safe and reliable.


Tampering with an electric or gas meter is considered theft and is punishable by law. Tampering with a meter is also very dangerous. Doing so can cause an electrocution or explosion resulting in significant property damage, injury and even death. Tampering with a utility meter can also put utility workers in danger.


Any fraudulent account activity is considered a crime. Liberty Utilities has a team dedicated to finding fraudulent activity but we need your help.

Reporting Theft and Fraud 

When someone steals energy, it increases rates for everyone. We work hard to minimize fraud but you can help. If you think someone may be stealing energy or participating in fraudulent account activity, please do not hesitate to report it.

Report Theft  

Energy Theft