Natural Gas System Reliability

Have you ever wondered why it is not uncommon for our natural gas customers to have zero interruptions to their gas service? We work hard to provide our customers with unparalleled safe and reliable service. 

Here are some of the ways we keep our services reliable:

  • Liberty personnel monitor our gas distribution system and take emergency calls 24/7 from our local Gas Control Center in Londonderry, NH.

  • Every year, we replace approximately 15 miles of cast iron and bare steel gas mains with plastic gas mains. Replacing aging pipe with new pipe helps maintain the reliable services that we have always offered and decreases the amount of leaks that could occur.

  • Although we replace approximately 15 miles of cast iron and bare steel main with plastic main every year, a large portion of pipe in our service territory is coated steel. In order to increase the lifetime and maintain the safety of coated steel piping, our corrosion engineer is dedicated to protecting steel pipes from corroding through periodic corrosion testing and by installing and maintaining cathodic protection devices.

  • A key component to what keeps our natural gas distribution system so reliable is the constant modeling and forecasting of usage completed within our company. In order to be able to provide your home or business with natural gas, we must ensure that we have enough gas supply. While currently there is enough natural gas to meet our customer’s needs, the natural gas infrastructure in New Hampshire has reached capacity. In order to support continued economic growth and keep energy costs low, additional natural gas supply is needed.

    That is why we are proposing the construction of the Granite Bridge Project. Granite Bridge would bring additional natural gas through an underground pipeline from the Seacoast to the central part of the state. If approved, this new pipeline would be located in the NHDOT’s right-of-way along Route 101, a state-designated Energy Infrastructure Corridor. Click the button below to learn more about Granite Bridge. 

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  • Damaging an underground facility is not only dangerous, but it can cause outages, expensive repairs and legal action. To help minimize the amount of damage that may occur to our natural gas distribution system, we have a group of highly trained individuals who help protect our damage. These employees go through very strict operator qualification classes throughout the year at our state-of-the-art training center in Concord.

    We also help promote Dig Safe, a not-for-profit clearinghouse that notifies participating utility companies of consumers or business’ plans to dig. In turn, these utilities (or their contract locating companies) respond to mark out the location of their underground facilities. This helps others know which areas to avoid when digging, therefore helping to keep our underground infrastructure safe.

Customer Owned Equipment

We take pride in the reliable services we offer, but did you know that you are responsible for certain portions of your gas equipment? 

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Safety Measures

Safety and reliability go hand in hand! We go the extra mile to keep our customers, employees and gas system safe. 

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